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On-Site Rail Support Services

On-Site Rail Support Services

ESS understands the importance of having safe, reliable, and efficient on-site support services readily available when conducting essential rail maintenance.  Our On-Site Rail Support Service provides everything from equipment to welfare facilities to allow your team to get on with the task at hand. 

What is ESS’s On-Site Rail Support Service
What is ESS’s On-Site Rail Support Service

Optimise your rail maintenance with ESS's On-Site Rail Support Service. Our specialist unit provides asset management and a range of other services at your worksite. Plus, our trailer acts as a mobile hire station with essential equipment like respiratory protective gear and communication devices.  Our Rail Support Service is available 24/7/365 so you trust ESS for round-the-clock support, available every day of the year.

Communication solutions that are second to none
Communication solutions that are second to none

ESS is the expert in delivering communication solutions to the rail sector. We pride ourselves on having the latest products thanks to our outstanding relationships with the leading manufacturers. ESS’s Communication Team has also developed proprietary technology in partnership with leading rail manufacturers including dBD Communications and Motorola.   We stock a range of equipment including Full Duplex Systems, Body-Worn Cameras, Voice Recording Radios, Tunnel Communication Systems and 4G Masts which can be deployed during scheduled maintenance. 

What equipment is provided through ESS’s On-Site Rail Support Service?

ESS’s On-Site Rail Support Service provides a range of safety and communication equipment that are essential during routine maintenance. This includes:

  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Escape Sets
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Emergency Safety Equipment including Defibrillators
  • Body Cameras
  • Duplex Radios
  • Tunnel Communication Systems
  • Voice Recording Radios
  • 4G Masts  

Our support trailers are manned by our trained and knowledgeable staff who can provide advice and guidance on the equipment that they are supplying as well as provide essential asset management services throughout the planned works. 

In the spotlight: Voice Recording Radios

ESS presents a revolutionary voice recording solution to the rail market.  Unlike other systems that record data to memory cards, our voice recording solution is integrated directly into the Motorola DP4400 and R7 series of radios. Meeting the requirements of GDPR and Network Rail’s NR/L2/OPS/033 directive, ESS Voice Recording solution offers fully secure, encrypted data storage without requiring any infrastructure adaptations.

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