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Flow plays a crucial role in ensuring the correct mx and addition of ingredients in any product. The air flow in HVAC ducting systems and grilles must also be checked for correct operation. ESS Test & Measurement can provide solutions for many liquid flow checks in pipes of an assortment of materials. Using a transit time ultrasonic technique means there is no invasive pipe connections. Transducers are simply clamped to the outside of the pipe. 

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Beamex MC6 EX Multifunction Calibrator

The MC6 EX is the world’s most accurate intrinsically safe calibrator. The ultimate instrument for Process engineers rugged and diverse capable of multi parameter measurement and a field communicator all in one instrument.

ATEX rated, its fitted with 3 internal pressure modules and supplied complete with the Beamex ePG electric pump, capable of supplying -0.95 – 20 bar of pneumatic pressure in minutes.

Easily adapted to measure either low or high pressure with our range of external modules ranging from 400 mbar to 600 bar.

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Beamex MC6 EX *Multifunction Calibrator*

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