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Confined Space Rescue Support Team

Confined Space Rescue Support Team

ESS supplies rescue teams for customers who are conducting work in confined spaces. ESS's Rescue Teams are trained to safely enter these spaces and provide assistance in the event of an emergency. They are trained to provide care in case of injury and to bring out any person that may be trapped in a confined space. 

What is a Confined Space Rescue Team?

ESS’s Confined Space Rescue Team offers a range of services to allow you to safely execute your task in a confined space. Our highly qualified and experienced team of Confined Space Safety and Rescue specialists have a genuine understanding of the issues faced within these challenging environments and are fully compliant with the requirements of confined space regulations. Qualified not only to manage, work and rescue in confined spaces, but they are also trained and experienced in carrying out emergency medical treatment in accordance with NHS protocols, including first aid and resuscitation.

What services can ESS’s Confined Space Rescue Team offer?
What services can ESS’s Confined Space Rescue Team offer?

ESS’s Confined Space Rescue Team main purpose is to provide emergency cover for those teams who are operating in a confined space. We do however offer a wide range of related services including:

  • Confined Space Entry and Management
  • Compiling Safe Systems of Work
  • Confined Space Accompaniment
  • Risk Assessment Creation
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Extended Tunnel Working Support
  • Top Man Service
  • Pumping Out Service 
What are the legal requirements and regulations regarding confined spaces?
What are the legal requirements and regulations regarding confined spaces?

The legislation and regulations regarding confined spaces are primarily covered by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997. These regulations apply to employers and employees, as well as self-employed individuals who work in confined spaces. There are however a range of other laws that those entering confined spaces should recognise depending on the work being carried out in the confined space. 

ESS’s Confined Space Rescue Team are trained to the highest standards and each individual has an in-depth knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations for the task at hand. 

Confined space rescue reinforced by experts utilising top-of-the-range equipment

By choosing ESS to provide your confined space rescue support, you receive the reassurance of knowing you have a team with the expertise and equipment to take life-saving action if the time comes.  As the leading safety equipment rental company, we have nurtured relationships with the leading safety equipment manufacturers and are proud to stock one of the most modern and cutting-edge fleets in the UK. As such, you can feel confident that your Rescue teams will be equipped to carry out the task at hand

ESS are THE training specialists in Safety

Did you know that you can also receive your confined space training through ESS? Confined space training is available throughout the UK delivered via our dedicated training venues. ESS has invested in creating the most realistic training experience for our delegates and our training classrooms offer the perfect environment for learning. We can also come to you with our on-site mobile confined space training trailer so no matter where you are based, ESS can support your training needs.