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Industrial Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Industrial Shutdowns & Turnarounds

When running a major shutdown or turnaround, you need a company that you can rely on to provide the support services required to get the job done. ESS provides an end-to-end solution from equipment rental and rescue team support to monitoring systems and breathing air services. You can feel reassured that with our support, your project will run as smoothly as possible.

ESS - Relied on for over 30 years to provide essential project support
ESS - Relied on for over 30 years to provide essential project support

ESS has been delivering essential project support during routine maintenance and shutdowns to a range of customers including petrochemical refineries, chemical plants, food production, pharmaceutical manufacturing and many more. ESS’s significant expertise allows us to provide a solution for your business which is safe, efficient, and tailored to your specific requirements. 

End-to-end equipment support from a brand you can trust
End-to-end equipment support from a brand you can trust

During a major project such as a refinery shutdown or turnaround, having the right equipment on site is not only necessary to ensure the project run smoothly, but it is essential to make sure that all workers on site remain safe.  Safety is in our DNA and it is what we do best. ESS provides a range of equipment to keep operatives safe on site when conducting turnaround operations including:

  • Gas detectors
  • Escape sets and respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
  • ATEX communication equipment
  • Confined space access equipment
  • ATEX lighting and ventilation  

All equipment is delivered serviced and maintained to manufacturers specifications so you can feel reassured you have the right equipment for the job.

Everything you need for your shutdown brought directly to you

To streamline your project, ESS will establish a Safety shop on your worksite. Not only can this allow quicker access for your staff to the equipment that they require, but can allow for effective asset management to reduce loss of equipment and unnecessary charges.   Our Safety Shop is manned by a team of experts from ESS who can provide advice and guidance on the equipment being used on-site. Our Safety Shop allows ESS to be embedded on your site so we can react to unexpected requirements as quickly as possible. 

Specialist solutions for your shutdown

Alongside the provision of safety and communication equipment, ESS can provide a range of solutions for shutdown and turnaround projects.   ESS’s confined space monitoring solution provides complete visibility of your operatives while operating on-site whilst providing additional safeguards like site-wide alarm systems to alert anyone operating in the area to immediate danger.  ESS can also supply our specialist breathing air trailers to provide safe breathing air to engineers who are operating in hazardous environments. We offer a range of sizes depending on the number of users and the duration of work.