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10 Jul 2024

ESS Provide Comprehensive On-Site Rental Solutions for Major South Wales Refinery

ESS Provide Comprehensive On-Site Rental Solutions for Major South Wales Refinery

ESS, a leading specialist provider of safety, survey, communications, and test & measurement equipment, has established a onestop rental shop at a major refinery in South Wales. With a long-standing 10-year relationship with this American petroleum company, ESS provides essential on-site rental support, ensuring the facility operates smoothly around the clock.

ESS operates an on-site facility staffed by Vp plc employees, offering comprehensive support for daily operations and maintenance activities. This one-stop shop supplies everything the refinery needs to keep projects productive and compliant, from safety equipment and tooling to driven plant.

During scheduled slowdowns and turnarounds, the refinery requires additional support to meet the increased demand from extra contractors and workload. ESS addresses this challenge by Moving to a 24/7 operation, deploying additional employees to the site, establishing additional satellite safety shops and increasing the supply volume of all necessary equipment.

During Slowdowns and Turnarounds ESS move to a 24/7 operation, with additional employees deployed to site, the supply of additional satellite safety shops and a ramp up to the volume of supply of all equipment to meet the demands of additional contractors and workload. A camera based Confined Space Monitoring System is also deployed, with the ability to control access and monitor activity in high risk confined spaces on site, keeping the workforces safe as they carry out their tasks. This specialist service is supported by Vp group companies, including Brandon Hire Station, Airpac Rentals, UK Forks and MEP Hire, showing the strength of the Vp plc group of companies. In addition, ESS manage a fleet of the refinery’s owned assets, keeping them compliant and available for use.

ESS's on-site facility ensures that the refinery remains productive and compliant, even during periods of increased activity. The comprehensive support provided by ESS, combined with the strength of Vp group companies, enables the refinery to operate efficiently and safely, meeting the demands of its projects and maintaining high standards of compliance. This case study underscores ESS's capability to deliver integrated, reliable, and effective equipment solutions in complex industrial environments.

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