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Hilti Ferroscan PS 200

The Hilti Ferroscan PS 200 enables quick and straightforward detection and measurement of rebar bar reinforcements beneath concrete. Providing essential information such as depths of coverage, diameters and positions. The four scanning modes allow operators to either scan localised areas or determine coverage over whole surface of structures, whilst also supplying comprehensive documentation and evaluation software.

The wireless PS 200 is equipped with the option of Blockscan or Imagescan, depending on the necessity of the operator the Ferroscan can be adapted. Imagescan provides an overview of rebar layouts to measure coverage and diameter at any specific point, whilst blockscan gives an overview of the rebar layout over larger areas. The Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan has additional options to make the process efficient, offering Quickscan detection and recording. Quickscan Detection enables users to quickly identify location of bars whilst determining coverage of depth. Whereas Quickscan Recording can be used to scan along stretches up to 30m, evaluating coverage, mean coverage, and standard deviation.

ESS Code: HSCM.10

  • Compact and robust
  • Real image of the reinforcements
  • Includes professional evaluation and documentation software
  • Protection Class IP 54 as per IEC529
  • Data storage: Removable memory card
  • Data transfer: USB connection
  • Scanner dimensions: 229×132×132 mm
  • Scanner weight: 1.4 kg
  • Monitor dimensions: 264×152×57 mm
  • Monitor weight 1.4 kg
  • Battery life: 8 hour
  • Scanner memory capacity: Up to 9 Imagescans plus up to 30m of recorded Quickscan
  • Monitor memory capacity: 32 MB Removable Multimedia Card (150 Images or 75 Quickscans)
  • Operating temperature range: –10°C to +50°C
  • Quickscan recording depth range: 20mm to 100mm
  • Quickscan recording accuracy: ± 1 to ± 5 (depending on depth and bar diameter)
  • Imagescan recording depth range: 20mm to 160mm
  • Imagescan recording accuracy: ± 2 to ± 13 (depending on depth and bar diameter)
  • Bar diameter range: 6mm to 36mm
Technical Document

Hilti Ferroscan Datasheet

Hilti Ferroscan Datasheet

Hilti PS200 Charger
Hilti PSA100 Charger
Hilti PSA 100 Tablet
PSA 100 Chart x 2
Hilti Yellow Hazard Tape
Marker Pen Set
PS200 USB Software Stick
USB Comms Lead
PS200 Instruction Manual
PSA 100 Instruction Manual
Calibration Certificate

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Hilti Ferroscan PS 200

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ESS Code: HSCM.10
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Key Product Features

  • Compact and robust

  • 4 scanning modes: Imagescan Blockscan Quickscan Detection Quickscan Recording

  • Real image of the reinforcements

  • Includes professional evaluation and documentation software

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