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Leica DD230 Smart Locator

The Leica DD230 Smart Locator provides top-of-the-range accuracy and depth detection up to 7 metres (23 feet) alongside a user-friendly interface and ergonomic design allowing the user to locate and trace deeper and more easily than ever before.

Leica DD SMART locators use DX Shield software which allows the user to gather task performance data in easy-to-understand reports which show an overview of product usage which helps the user gain insight into and reduce downtime, utility strikes and repair costs.

ESS Code: HCAT.156

Key features of the Leica DD230

-              GPS, Bluetooth and 8GB of internal memory                      

-              Power, Radio and Auto modes

-              Up to 7 metres (23 feet) depth detection

-              Large colour screen

-              IP66 dust and water protection

-              Advanced digital signal processing

Power - 550 / 60 Hz

mains electrical and harmonics

Radio -15kHz to 60kHz

Auto - Power, Radio, 33kHz

Transmitter Modes -131.072 (131) kHz, 32.768 (33) kHz, 8.192 (8) kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz

Depth Range -

Line 0.1m to 7m

4 inches to 23 feet

Sonde 0.1 to 10m

Sonde 4 inches to 32.8 feet

Depth Accuracy* - 5%

Bluetooth - Class 2 BLE dual mode module

Bluetooth Classic 2.1

Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)

GPS** - Chipset (1): u-blox®GPS

Reciever Type: GPS L1C/A, SBAS L1C/A,


Accuracy (2): Horizontal Position 2.5 m

Autonomous, 2.0 m SBAS,CEP

Start time: Cold 45 s typical, Aided 7 s

typical, Hot 1 s typical

Memory Capacity - 8 GB internal memory

Environmental Standard - IP66

Operating Temperature - -20 °C to +50 °C

-4 °F to +122°F

Battery - 7.4V Rechargeable Li – Ion

Battery operating time - 15 h

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 765×290 x93mm

30.12 x11.42×3.66 inches

Weight with batteries - 2.7Kg

5.95 lbs

Lead time: 1 days

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Leica DD230 Smart Locator

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ESS Code: HCAT.156
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Key Product Features

  • GPS, Bluetooth and 8GB of internal memory

  • Power, Radio and Auto modes

  • Up to 7 metres (23 feet) depth detection

  • Large colour screen

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