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Motorola DP4401EX UHF Digital

The ATEX certified Motorola DP4401Ex provides essential communications within hazardous environments, protecting operators from explosive gases and combustible particles. Stacked with internal features to ensure safety, clarity, and security.

The ATEX certified DP4401Ex digital radio is equipped with loud front facing speakers that automatically adjusts radio volume according to the environments noise level. 
Designed for applications on oilrigs or in open mines, the Motorola DP4401Ex has the highest safety certifications possible (ATEX and IEC EX certified) to ensure immunity to external hazardous factors. Mobile work teams can be located at any point with the internal GPS integration. In addition, the MOTOTBRO digital radio includes built-in security with three levels of encryption or scrambling, 16-bit basic privacy, 40-bit enhanced protection, or 256-bit AES256 encryption.
The rugged and reliable design can be enhanced through optional digital systems and solutions. Using the internet to enable IP Site Connect, linking up to 15 sites for communications whilst extending voice and data capabilities among geographically dispersed location.

ESS Code: HCOM.52

    Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature
    Integrated GPS
    Three levels of scrambling or encryption built-in
    Man down and lone worker functions 
    Emergency button 
    ATEX certified 
    IECEx certified
    IP67 rating
    Lithium Ion battery 
    Battery life: 19 hours when operating on digital (16 hours when analogue)
    Frequencies: VHF, UHF 
    Weight: 455.5g 
    Dimensions: 138.5 x 56.7 x 39.8 mm

UHF Frequency Band – UHF B1 (403-470MHz)
VHF Frequency Band – VHF (136 – 174MHz)
Channel Spacing – 12.5/20/25KHz
Max No. of Conv. Channels or Personality Capacity – 32
Weight with LI-Ion Battery – 455.5g
Power Supply – 7.4v Nominal 
Programmable Buttons - 3

Technical Document

Motorola DP4401EX UHF Digital Radio Overview

Technical Document

Motorola DP4401EX UHF Digital Radio Data Sheet

Technical Document

Motorola DP4401EX UHF Digital Radio Brochure


Motorola DP4401EX UHF Digital Radio
Belt Clip
Accessory Port Dust Cover

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Motorola DP4401EX UHF Digital

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ESS Code: HCOM.52
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Key Product Features

  • Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature

  • Integrated GPS

  • ATEX certified IECEx certified IP67 rating

  • Battery life: 19 hours when operating on digital (16 hours when analogue)

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