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Beamex MC6 IS

The Beamex MC6 IS field calibrator is a high accuracy field calibrator offering many capabilities in a single instrument, our range is of high specification fitted with 2 bar to 20 bar and Barometric internal pressure modules, CMX enabled, HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus PA enabled.

Multi-function Process Calibrator 

The MC6 communicator can be used with all types of fieldbus instruments, not only pressure and temperature transmitters. All 3 protocols are installed on our MC6 range and therefore the very same device can be used as a HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA communicator. With the MC6, you can access all parameters in all blocks of a fieldbus instrument.

ESS Code: HPCA.8

  • Calibration of Pressure instruments can be made fully automatic with the use of the programmable Epg electric pump from the MC6 
  • Temperature and Electrical simulation and calibration 
  • HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA communicator 
  • CMX enabled
  • Easily expanded pressure range with a set of external modules available ranging from        400 mbar to 600 bar
  • Documenting Process Calibrator

Voltage measurement (±500 mV and ±30 VDC)
Current measurement (±100 mA) (internal or external supply)
Frequency measurement (0…50 kHz) 
Pulse counting (0…10 Mpulse)
Switch state sensing (dry/wet switch)
Built-in loop supply
Voltage generation (±500 mV and –1.5…10.5 VDC)
Current generation (0…25 mA) (active/passive, i.e. Internal or external supply)
Resistance measurement, two simultaneous channels (0…4 kΩ)
Resistance simulation (0…4 Kω)
RTD measurement, two simultaneous channels 
RTD simulation
TC measurement, two simultaneous channels (universal connector/mini-plug)
TC simulation
Frequency generation (0…10 kHz)
Pulse queue generation (0…10 Mpulse)
HART communicator FOUNDATION Fieldbus communicator Profibus PA communicator
Pressure accuracy starting from
―(0.005 % FS + 0.0125 % of reading).
Temperature − RTD temperature measurement accuracystarting from 0.011 ‹C.
Electric – current measurement accuracy starting from (0.75 μA + 0.0075 % of reading).

Technical Document

Beamex MC6 IS Brochure

Beamex MC6 IS Brochure

Supplied with internal Barometric, 2 and 20 bar pressure modules alongside the 20 bar ePG pump with 400 mbar, 160 bar and 600 bar external modules available upon request

Lead time: 1 days

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Beamex MC6 IS

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ESS Code: HPCA.8
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Lead time: 1 day

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Key Product Features

  • Documenting Process Calibrator

  • CMX enabled

  • Temperature and Electrical simulation and calibration

  • HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus PA communicator

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