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Elcomponent SPC PRO 2 Energy Logger

The SPC Pro 2 is the best ever 3-phase data logger. Directly descended from the original SPC Pro it combines all the qualities that made that product a market leader with a host of new features and improved performance.

Designed to help you get the job done better, quicker and easier. Based on the well-proven “3 currents, 1 voltage” set up, the only voltage connection it needs is a standard 13A wall socket. If mains power is not available the unit’s internal battery provides up to two weeks ‘no voltage’ logging, increasing to 12 weeks with the external ‘battery pack’ option. Current measurement is via fully isolated flexible hoop CTs making the SPCPro data logger incredibly safe to use. The unit is also very easy to set up and connect and requires no detailed knowledge of electrical systems from the operator.

The SPC Pro 2 has almost 4 times the memory of its predecessor, allowing highly accurate surveys of up to 12 weeks duration as well as hi-speed (1 second) logging of critical plant for up to 48 hours. The larger memory is more accessible too, thanks to the USB Flash Drive interface. When you want to download the logger, just plug in your USB memory stick and press the ‘Download’ button and all the logger’s readings are transferred to the memory stick. To view the data just open PowerPackPro on your PC and plug in the memory stick to download it. The SPC Pro 2 retains a second USB socket for direct connection to a PC but you can now download it without any cables, PCs or laptops required. Whichever way you do it, data download is fast efficient and fool-proof.

ESS Code: HENL.1

Only voltage connection it needs is a standard 13A wall socket.
Main & Internal Battery
2 weeks Battery, 12 weeks with external battery
Fully Isolated Hoop CT’s
Easy set up
Up to 12 weeks survey durations, or,
48 hours of high speed logging
USB Flash drive memory
East Download
Light and compact and tough
Magnetic feet

Input Channels: 1 X Voltage via pluggable power cable, 3 X current via integral flex type CTs

1 Voltage range: 230VAC +/- 15% 50-60Hz
3 Current ranges: 2-20A, 20-200A, 200-2000A Fully auto-ranging

Dimensions:  Unit: L=183mm H=41mm W=120mm (Excluding CTs)
Flex CT diameter: 150mm
Flex CT length: 450 mm
Flex CT cable length: 1.8m
Protection level: IP30

Case: ABS

Li-ion internal battery
Battery life: Approx 3 weeks logging (fully charged)
Battery Charging: Integral charger from mains connection

Technique: Digital Sampling
Sample rate: 1.6kHz
Update rate: 1 second – stored to cache

1 X Voltage, 3 X Current, 3 X Phase Angle stored memory. Stored value is
the average of all cached readings since previous store.
Memory capacity: 200,000 records
Survey length at 30 second storage: 10 weeks
USB Download to PC & USB Flash Drive (Memory Stick)

Windows XP Pro, Vista, W7, W8, W10

Technical Document

SPC Pro 2 Data Sheet

SPC Pro 2 Data Sheet
Technical Document

SPC Pro 2 User Manual

SPC Pro 2 User Manual
Technical Document

SPC Pro 2 Quick Start Guide

SPC Pro 2 Quick Start Guide

SPC Pro 2 Unit c/w 3 x flex CTs
USB Download Cable
Mains Lead
PowerPackPro Software
Zip Holdall
Flash Drive

Lead time: 1 days

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Elcomponent SPC PRO 2 Energy Logger

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ESS Code: HENL.1
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Key Product Features

  • “3 currents, 1 voltage” hook-up

  • Only voltage connection it needs is a standard 13A wall socket

  • Internal battery provides up to two weeks ‘no voltage’ logging

  • The SPC Pro 2 has almost 4 times the memory of its predecessor

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