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Athena Blocked Headset

dBD Athena Blocked headsets are designed for use within the rail industry, specifically for noise-polluted areas.

The Athena Blocked headsets provide localised noise suppression up to 20dB to allow clear communication between operators working with loud machinery. 
The Athena Blocked headset carrying bag contains two headsets with one master headset, which can integrate with two way radios. Providing a maximum range of 100 metres connectivity. The noise suppression headset is equipped with two enclosed ear domes and microphone, enhancing hearing and clarity of the user.

ESS Code: HCOM.104

  •     Weather resistant enclosure
  •     Network Rail approved
  •     Clips on to hardhat
  •     20dB of localised noise suppression
  •     Range: 100 metres 
  •     IP rating: IP66

Operating System -Bluetooth 2.1 Class 1 
Range - 100m 
Operating Temperature - -400C to 700C 
Battery Type - 3.7V Lithium Ion Battery 
Battery Life - Up to 24 hours 
Charging Time - 3 – 4 hours 
Charging Temperature - 00C to +400C 
Antenna Gain - 2.14dBi 
Dynamic Noise Reduction Microphone - S/N ratio >70dB 
Noise Protection - Up to 23dB 
Frequency Response - 300Hz to 3.5kHz (compliant with ITU G.712) 
Speakers - 1.7V peak at 300Ω 

Technical Document

Athena Blocked Headset


Athena Blocked eadset
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Athena Blocked Headset

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ESS Code: HCOM.104
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Key Product Features

  • Network Rail approved

  • 20dB of localised noise suppression

  • Range: 100 metres

  • IP rating: IP66

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