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Used Test & Measurement Equipment

Used Test & Measurement Equipment

Our range of used Test & Measurement  equipment includes leading brand models, but changes frequently so please check back regularly for updates.


Please note equipment is subject to current availability, delivery charges and VAT and may be advertised elsewhere. 

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Make & ModelPrice
PX5-50/60Hz PowerXplorer£1,000.00
2042 Cable Locator£50.00
Cable Core Indentifier Set£25.00
KSG 100 Baur Cable Identifying System£250.00
TTi TG215 Function Generator£25.00
1040 Decade Box£40.00
8000 Decade Box£40.00
Micromanometer 500 MBar£50.00
BR4 Fault Locator (250V)£50.00
LH2015 Clampmeter£40.00
Fluke Clampmeter£40.00
Earth Leakage Mini-clamp£50.00
Magnus Step-Up Transformer£500.00
CA6415 Stakeless Earth Clamp£50.00
Pfisterer EPV Phase Comparitor£25.00
CA L261 Single Phase Voltage Logger£75.00
Fluke 113 Digital Multimeter£50.00
DPI610LP  12.5mBar (Non IS)£750.00
DPI705 I.S 7 bar abs£50.00
Digitron 2080P Pressure Meter 0-25 Bar£50.00
2081P Pressure Meter£50.00
SMC PTE-300-V 3ph Relay Test Set£500.00
SMC PTE-50-CET 3ph Relay Test Set£500.00
ISA DRTS.6 Relay Test System£1,000.00
Fluke TDR Cable Tracer£200.00
N2014 Data Temperature Loggers£50.00
MultiPaq 21 (DP2182A)-8 Channel£500.00
TGP4020 Temperature Logger£35.00
TGP4500 Temperature Logger£35.00
Elcometer 510 Mdl T Adhesion Gauge 50mm£250.00
Elcometer 500T concrete substrate th'k g£100.00
b2 HVA94 VLF High Voltage Test Set

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