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Megger DLRO200 Low Resistance Ohmmeter

The Megger DLRO200 Micro-Ohmmeter is part of the Megger Ductor family of Micro-Ohmmeters covering current outputs from 1 Amp up to 600 Amps. The DLRO 200 is an excellent tool for testing Busbar joint bonding and many other low resistance applications. With on-board data collection for up to 300 results.

Design of the Megger DLRO200 is all about ease of use and accuracy. With manual operation or by using the automatic function built in.
The DLDRO200 has three useful test modes:
NORMAL, set the current level and press the TEST button and obtain a reading within 10 seconds
Selecting CONTINUOUS  and pressing TEST will supply a current continuously and display the resultant resistance value every 2 seconds until the TEST button is pressed again
In both sequences the test leads must be connected each time before a test is carried out, and the sequence must be re-started from the beginning
AUTO mode enables the operator to make one test and the test may be repeated several times by simply connecting and reconnecting the voltage leads
All results can be viewed on the large digital display, and up to 300 results may be stored for download. Notes can be added using the alphanumeric keypad 

ESS Code: HDCT.13

Current output from 10 amps to 200 Amps DC
Measures down to .01µΩ
Three test modes
In-built storage of up to 300 results with annotation
Weighs less than 15Kg
Supplied with 5metre Test Leads


  • Current Output 10A – 200A
  • Resistance 0.1µΩ to 999.9mΩ

Test Time: 10 seconds NORMAL/AUTO mode Every 2 seconds CONTINUOUS mde
Dimensions: 450 x 250 x 270 mm
Weight: 14.5 Kgs (excluding Test leads)
Display: High resolution liquid crystal display
Data Transfer: Real time or batch download via RS232 using Download Manager

Technical Document

Megger DLRO200 Data Sheet

Megger DLRO200 Low Resistance Ohmmeter Data Sheet
Technical Document

Megger DLRO200 User Manual

Megger DLRO200 Low Resistance Ohmmeter User Manual

Control unit with in-built display and alphanumeric keypad
5m Current Test Leads
5m Voltage Test Leads
32A Supply lead
USB Stick with software and Instruction manual loaded
Material Carry Bag

Lead time: 1 days

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Megger DLRO200 Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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ESS Code: HDCT.13
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Key Product Features

  • Test current from 10Amp to 200Amps DC

  • Measures resistances between 0.1µΩ and 1Ω

  • Uses four terminal measurement technique to cancel out the test lead resistance during a test

  • Weighs less than 15Kg

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