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Leica TS16 & AP20 Autopole

The Leica TS16 is the world’s first self-learning total station that automatically adjusts to any environment and conditions it is being used in. The Leica TS16 is designed to work in busy environments without sacrificing its performance.

The Leica AP20 AutoPole is a revolutionary advancement in your survey arsenal. The easy-to-use AP20 saves valuable time and reduces post-processing corrections time back at the office. With the AP20's Tilt Compensation, PoleHeight and TargetlD technologies built-in, you can complete your survey jobs with fewer mistakes, high reliability and much higher levels of productivity which helps minimise delays and rework. 

ESS Code: SRTS.147

Tilt Compensation



Technical Document

AP20 Autopole Datasheet

View or download the Leica AP20 Autopole Datasheet
Technical Document

Leica TS16 Total Station Datasheet

View or download the Leica TS16 Total Station Datasheet
Technical Document

Leica TS16 & AP20 Autopole Product Overview Document

View or download the Leica TS16 & AP20 Autopole Product Overview Document

Leica TS16 Robotic Total Station

Leica AP20 Autopole
Leica GST20-9 Heavy Duty Wooden Tripod
Leica GRZ4 360 Prism
Leica GLS12 Pole
Leica GKL341 Pro Charger
Leica GEB221 / GEB222 Battery
Leica GEB331/GEB334 Battery 
Heavy Duty Tripod
Stylus Pen
Water Cover
Leica RH17 Radio Handle
Leica GDF321 Tribrach
Leica MSD1000 1GB SD memory card
Leica GHT66 Field Controller Holder
Leica GHT63 Pole Clamp for Field Controller
Leica GHM007 Instruments Height Meter
Leica GHT196 Distance Holder for Height Mete

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Leica TS16 & AP20 Autopole

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ESS Code: SRTS.147
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Key Product Features

  • Tilt Compensation

  • Pole Height

  • TargetID

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