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Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

The all-new Leica BLK360 G2 breaks open the possibilities of reality capture. With unprecedented, best-in-class scanning speed, the BLK360 makes you faster. The BLK360 G2 allows you to produce rapid scans that don’t compromise on quality.

The BLK360 G2 offers best-in-class scanning speed, capable of capturing a full scan with spherical images in just 20 seconds. This is over five times faster than the BLK360 G1, ensuring projects are completed rapidly.

The Leica BLK360 G2 is 20% smaller than its predecessor, ensuring effortless portability and easy integration into your workflow.

The Visual Inertial System (VIS) Technology eliminates the need for manual scan alignment by automatically combining scans in the field. This feature streamlines your workflow, saving even more valuable time and effort.

Equipped with 4 cameras, 5-bracket exposure settings, and a 13-megapixel resolution, the BLK360 G2 delivers high-quality HDR imagery, ensuring that scans are rich in detail and clarity.

ESS Code: HBLK.5

  • Allows you to scan in high, standard and fast resolutions
  • Weighs 1kg
  • 165mm tall x 100mm diameter
  • Less than three minutes for full dome scan (instandard resolution)
  • 150mp spherical image generation
  • 680,000 points per second
  • High dynamic range (HDR)
  • Housing - Black anodized aluminium
  • Dimensions - Height: 155 mm - Diameter: 80 mm
  • Weight - 0.75 kg (0.85 kg incl. battery)
  • Internal memory - Storage for up to 1500 setups
  • Capacity - Up to 70 setups per battery
  • Laser class - 1 (in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014)
  • Wavelength - 830 nm
Technical Document

Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner Datasheet

Download the Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner Datasheet
  • BLK360 G2 Laser Scanner
  • Transport Case
  • 3 x Leica GEB825
  • Tablet and Charger
  • USB-C Cable
  • Leica Cyclone Register 360 Plus inc. Leica Cloudworx plugin for your CAD software packages
  • Tripod
  • Charger
  • Mission Bag

Lead time: 1 days

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Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

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ESS Code: HBLK.5
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Key Product Features

  • Allows you to scan in high, standard and fast resolutions

  • Weighs 1kg

  • Less than 3 minutes to complete a full dome scan

  • HDR and thermal imaging

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