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Draeger 9L Cylinder

Draeger's 9L Cylinders exemplify excellence in breathing apparatus technology. These cylinders are constructed with a seamless aluminium liner, reinforced with carbon fibre and glass fibre in an epoxy matrix, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. As part of Draeger's comprehensive system approach, the 9L Cylinders integrate seamlessly with their complete breathing apparatus system, offering maximum performance and quality assurance. They are fully approved to pressure equipment directives and comply with rigorous safety standards, providing users with confidence in their reliability.

Draeger provides a range of 9L Cylinders, available in both 200 bar and 300 bar versions, allowing customers to customize their breathing apparatus to suit their specific needs. The cylinders undergo automated, computer-controlled manufacturing processes, guaranteeing precision and accuracy. The inclusion of a cylinder quick-connect mechanism simplifies cylinder change-outs, eliminating time-consuming handwheel threading and improving operational efficiency.

Draeger's 9L Cylinders are a prime example of advanced breathing apparatus technology. With their robust construction, seamless integration into Draeger's system, and compliance with safety standards, they deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The availability of different pressure options and the convenient cylinder quick-connect feature further enhance their versatility and ease of use.

ESS Code: HCYL.2

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Draeger 9L Cylinder

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ESS Code: HCYL.2
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