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PID Armadillo VideoGuard 360

The PID Armadillo is an industry first security solution. This armoured, rapid deployment, intrusion detection camera features a fully encrypted IoT visually verifying operating system, with DM Top-loader matrix which enables ultrafast 3 and 4g data package upload.

Communicating via mobile networks, the PID Armadillo unit operates fully remotely with a built in battery life of up to 4 years.
Their striking and recognisable appearance, 360 degree viewing angle and loud vocal warning system deters thieves from entering your worksites. The PID Armadillo is considered one of the top crime deterrents in the UK.


  •     Instant alarm notification with video footage through secure servers to PID-Systems own ARC        (Monitoring Station)
  •     SIA Mobile Security Response
  •     Armoured, wireless units
  •     Long life battery power 
  •     No civils required pre installation
  •     Automatic arm/disarm timers
  •     Controllable remotely
  •     No power or phone line required
  •     120dB warning voice messages/sirens, lighting etc...
  •     Remotely activated in the event of site intrusion
Technical Document

PID Armadillo VideoGuard 360


Subject to Site Survey Requirements

Lead time: 1 days

Site installation service delivers, installs and tests the PID installation after a site survey has been conducted.

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PID Armadillo VideoGuard 360

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Key Product Features

  • Instant alarm notification with video footage through secure servers to PID-Systems own ARC (Monitoring Station)

  • Armoured, wireless units

  • No civils required pre installation

  • No power or phone line required

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