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Motorola TLK100 Wave Radio

Providing 95% nationwide coverage using existing mobile phone infrastructure, the Motorola Wave Solution offers the simplicity of two-way radio communications, clear and crisp audio with single button operations. The innovative design of Motorola’s TLK100 Wave radio provides operators with the ability to synchronize compatible radio systems and smartphones to the Motorola TLK100.

The Motorola TLK100 is styled and built for contrasting environments, sleek one-handed operation for office use whilst maintaining a rouged, tough exterior withstanding all on site tasks. 

Locate personnel instantly through integrated GPS tracking, enabling easy management of your workforce, maximising safety, project status, and positioning team members where needed. Interference with back-to-back radio communications disrupts workflow; the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to avoid limitations of cellular coverage. The TLK100 Wave supplies users with constant communications for 18 hours.

Built to resist all elements within extreme conditions, the TLK100 is ingress protected from dust, rain, and dirt with an IP rating of IP54. Ensuring performance in the harshest working environments. Simplicity in mind with the screenless design, maximising productivity by eliminating email and text distractions. All tasks completed at the touch of one button, contact multiple working teams simultaneously and securely with push-to-talk capabilities.

ESS Code: HCOM.10

  •     Nationwide cellular network
  •     Two-way radio communication
  •     Over-the-air device management
  •     Powerful and slim design
  •     Wi-Fi connectivity
  •     Location tracking
  •     Loud and clear audio
  •     Private and group push-to-talk
  •     Real-time presence
  •     Powered by WAVE
  •     Li-Ion [2300 mAh] Battery
  •     Battery life: 18 hours
  •     Network: 4G LTE
  •     Channel capacity: 8 channels (expandable to 96)
  •     Dimensions: 168.9 x 58.6 x 22.15 mm
  •     Weight: 166g
  •     GPS: GPS/AGPS
  •     IP rating: IP54 MIL-STD 810G

Network – 3G/ 4G, Wi-Fi
Channel Capacity – 96 channels
Contact List – 300 contacts
Weight with Battery – 166g
Battery Operating hours (5:5:90 Duty Cycle) – 18 Hours
Voice Codec – OPUS
Bluetooth – V4.2, BLE
Encryption – AES-256

Technical Document

Motorola TLK100 Wave Radio Overview

Technical Document

Motorola TLK100 Wave Radio Data Sheet

Technical Document

Motorola TLK100 Wave Radio Brochure


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Motorola TLK100 Wave Radio

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ESS Code: HCOM.10
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Key Product Features

  • Utliises the Nationwide cellular network

  • Private and group push-to-talk capability

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Channel capacity: 8 channels (expandable to 96)

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