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ESS have partnered with Fluke to offer a wide range of electronic test and measurement tools. With a history going back to 1948, Fluke products are utilised across industrial electronic installation, maintenance and service departments providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities that have grown to mission critical status in manufacturing and service industries. 

Fluke Sectors

Fluke product lines are beneficial for professionals in a variety of markets including:

Industrial/Electronic Service Installation and Maintenance

Fluke's comprehensive line of digital multimeters, electrical power analysers, thermal imagers, insulation resistance testers and accessories are used by service technicians, plant engineers and installation and maintenance technicians to troubleshoot these complex new systems and detect problems quickly.

Electrical and Temperature

Electricians, HVAC/R technicians, plant engineers and power quality consultants involved in the maintenance, service, and design of every type of residential, industrial, plant and commercial building use Fluke professional test tools. Fluke products such as: electrical testers, digital multimeters (DMMs), clamp meters, single and three-phase power quality meters, ScopeMeter™ test tools, current clamps, thermal imagers, and digital thermometers are utlised for troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical systems, electrical power systems, HVAC/R systems.

Indoor Air Quality

Fluke's line of indoor air quality (IAQ) test tools are used for troubleshooting and maintaining indoor air quality.