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Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total Station

The Topcon GT-505 is a high-performance, future-proof robotic total station which is 30% smaller than any other Topcon total station on the market while increasing functionality.

Featuring UltraSonic Direct Drive Motors making the GT-505 more powerful, accurate, and reliable while allowing the size of the unit to be made more compact and portable. 
The GT-505 features a large and bright colour touch screen with a user-friendly interface that utilises simple set-up routines and hotkeys. This makes using the GT-505 simple to pick up and learn for users with a range of experience levels.  

ESS Code: SRTS.116

  • UltraSonic Direct Drive motors
  • 30% smaller and lighter
  • Bright 4.3inch colour, touchscreen display
  • 24 key, backlit keyboard
  • IP65 environmental protection

Technical Specifications of the Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total Station
Minimum display - 1" (0.0002gon/0.005mil) 5" (0.0010gon/0.02mil) (selectable)
Angle Accuracy - 5" (0.0015gon/0.025mil) (ISO 1723-3:2001)
Tilt angle compensation 
Type - Liquid 2-axis tilt sensor
Correction unit - 1 second
Minimum resolution - 1 second
Distance measurement
Measuring method - Coaxial phase shift measuring system 
Signal source - Red laser diode 690 nm class 3R
Measuring time
Fine measurement - 1.5 sec + every 0.9 sec.
Rapid measurement - 1.3 + every 0.6 sec
Max revolving speed (turning) - 120 degrees per second 
Max auto tracking speed - 18 degrees per second 
Memory and data
Internal memory - 1GB 
External memory - expandable up to 32GB via USB flash drive 

Technical Document

Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total Station

Technical Document

Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total Station


Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total STation
Topcon Detail Pole
ATP1 360 Prism
Magnet Field Software
GT Battery Charger
FC Charger
FC Clamp
Pole Clamp for FC Clamp

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Topcon GT-505 Robotic Total Station

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ESS Code: SRTS.116
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Key Product Features

  • 30% smaller and lighter

  • UltraSonic Direct Drive motors

  • Bright 4.3inch colour, touchscreen display

  • 24 key, backlit keyboard

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